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When mobile phones first started becoming popular in the late 90s, there were concerns back then about what the electronic devices would mean for our brain health – it could not be good to hold something like that to our heads, right? Well, 20 years on, we’re still holding mobile phones to our heads but in the billions. So has the worry about our brain health gone away? Not at all, if anything, doctors and researchers are more worried than ever.

According to highly-respected Dr John Tickell, who is currently in remission for brain cancer, radiation from our phones, Wi-Fi and mobile phone towers are causing an increase in brain cancer.

Speaking from experience and years of medical training, Dr Tickell is campaigning for more awareness and wants more funding for brain cancer research – the most deadly cancer in young Australians. 35 new cases of the devastating cancer are diagnosed each week and four out of five cases are fatal.

“Leukaemia was once the leading causes of cancer deaths in Australia for under 40s but it now has a five-year survival rate of over 80 per cent. Breast cancer is around 90 cent compared to brain cancer which is around 20 per cent,” Tickell told the Herald Sun.

While the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association denies any adverse health effects from their radiation, the World Health Organisation has recently upgraded the radiation threat to category B2, meaning “possibly carcinogenic” – now that is worrying.

“You can say you can’t prove it — in my mind it is proven looking at the studies that are unfunded by industry,” the recovering doctor said.

So far there has been only one large-scale study of 5,000 brain cancer patients and mobile phone use was linked to a 40 per cent increased chance of developing the cancer.

“There’s a million more times radiation in the air today than there was fifty years ago — that is frightening”.

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  1. I wouldn’t have any idea medically – but surely there must be SOMETHING detrimental to having one by our ear hour after hour with all those “waves” floating about

  2. A good friend of mine passed away from brain cancer. We hardly heard of this as a primary cancer years ago, only as secondary cancer for another part of our body. Mathematically, there must be some sort of connection. However, in the interest of selling phones, we will not be told the dangers.

  3. This has been proven to be incorrect. Scientist and doctors have proven that mobile phones DO NOT cause brain cancer. If we are going to disregard all the evidence because one doctor makes a statement then we are truly a gullible society. It’s a bit like the vaccines cause autism argument.
    How come people got brain tumours before mobile phones????

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    • Sorry, Ruth, but I must take a different view (and it’s nothing personal). You analogy is not a good one: The former aspect can be proven incorrect with reasonable accuracy whereas the latter remains open to further investigation. It is essential for such research to be based on case-control studies over a broad example and an extended period of time; additionally, I find it of great importance that such studies be independent (i.e., not funded by telcos, phone manufacturers, drug companies, et al). There are continuing studies because the indicators that radio frequency EMFs are, in fact, a causal factor. True, there were brain tumours before mobile phones. True, too, that we are more familiar with them nowadays and have a greater capacity to accurately diagnose them than at any time in our past. That doesn’t mean we can say RF-EMFs are not a potential cause, any more than we can say with certainty that it has been proven otherwise. It is essential to keep an open mind and to keep in touch with further studies as they come to light.

    • John
      I have no problem with people having a different view than mine and you have explained yours in an educated and unemotional way.
      I just take issue with those who believe one thing without taking into account other factors and then trying to push that view onto everyone else.
      So thank you for that.

    • Dr Charlie Teo and the late Professor Chris O’Brien…. both brain surgeons have written on this very subject and they have seen an increase in the numbers of Glioma tumors on the dominate side of patients.

      Most people hold a mobile phone in their dominate hand most of the time.

      it is likely there is more than one set of events that has to be present for a brain tumor to grow, Like lung cancer, some people who smoke many packets a day for seventy years never get it and those who only rarely do.

      As a brain cancer tumor survivor and having knowledge, I think it increases the risk, like smoking does for lung cancer.

    • I also believe that many things have the ability to mutate the cells to cause a tumor with mobile phones being only one of these things, which I think explains why brain tumors existed before mobile phones and have increased in the dominate side now, as Dr Teo claims

    • I agree with you Neil, my daughter has a Glioma and currently doing Chemo, has had radiation and surgery for this. I have asked Charlie myself, and he believes they contribute. mobile phones will be like asbestos that causes mesothelioma, and look at smoking and lung cancer, they said it for years and no one took any notice. We may not see it in our lifetime, but these generations coming through I’m sure it will be their no 1 disease of the future. Then they can remember people like Charlie Teo and Dr. John Ticknell. And their warnings. Of course technology and mobile phones in particular are the flavour of the day, people are making so much money from them, there are kiosks and outlets selling them everywhere almost one on every corner just like a MacDonalds. Oh that’s right we now have an obesity problem. Funny about that.

  4. It is a concern and has been for some time. I have a mobile but remain fairly circumspect in its use. There are several studies available to read. This is one relating to glioma if you want to check it out:

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    • Too much information there in that study for me to comprehend it all but this little bit did stand out……..
      “This study clearly shows an increased risk for glioma associated with use of both mobile and cordless phones, a risk that increased significantly with latency and cumulative use. The highest risk was in the longest latency group (>25 years), giving a statistically significant 3-fold increased risk.”

  5. My mother died from malignant tumours in the brain but never used a mobile phone because they were not on the market then.

  6. Why ask the general population??!!
    Only experts can advise.
    Leading brain surgeons are saying quite likely can be cause of increased cases.
    Can be more than 1 cause Linda Carley.

  7. It keeps getting raised from time to time! Who knows really? Some trials say no risk, then we get a statement like this today! I have a thing about my microwave! I don’t like to use it when someone is sitting right near it! There have been articles about them emitting dangerous rays also! Sure people do get brain tumours that have not been a user of a mobile phone! Just like someone who has never smoked, dies from lung cancer. That does not prove smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer! Just sometimes Different factors occur that causes that particular cancer!

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