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For those who have lost a limb, it can be such an emotional process going through the changes and adapting to prosthetics. And then, to add insult to injury, the costs can be astronomical and sometimes, amputees have to go without a limb that could really improve their life.

That could all change, now that 3D printing has been introduced. At the Build It Workspace, little Faith Lennox has just received her new left hand, created for less that $50 with a 3D printer, in her favourite colours.

The Workspace has given affordable access to 3D printers that can create new limbs for amputees, and Faith was able to design her own hand on the printer in less than a day from materials used in drones and cars.

This shows that there is a viable solution for prosthetics, and at such a low price, there are sure to be so many who could benefit from this.

It could be a while before this technology is widely available in Australia but innovator such as William Root are pushing the technology to meet the demands of need it most.

He told Wired, “Prosthetic limbs are stigmatized because they are so inhuman; most aftermarket companies that try to address this problem attempt to create a realistic-looking leg, which crosses into the uncanny valley”. Although flesh-coloured prosthetics have their appeal, Mr Root said he wanted to create wearable designs that suit an individual’s style.

The technology is there… it just needs the proper funding.


Check out Faith receiving her new hand:


So tell us today, do you know or are you an amputee? How would this technology change their or your life? 


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  1. So happy she has a chance at being more independent. Amazing what they can do with the 3D printer. I watched one once at an art gallery, absolutely fascinating. Now this a good thing for technology and hopefully they can help with harnesses for animals that need help as well as they are so expensive.

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