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If you looked 10 years into the future and discovered you would have a life-threatening but preventable disease, you would do something about it, right?

Well now this could be a possibility thanks to a groundbreaking new test that can identify who is at risk of developing diabetes – and also who will not fall prey to the disease.

At the moment, doctors can  make an educated guess based on lifestyle factors and certain health markers, but it’s believed that the simple blood test will accurately show who will develop diabetes over the course of ten years, giving them a chance to turn their health around.

Researchers from the University of Hawaii Cancer Centre discovered that the levels of unsaturated fatty acids in the blood are markers of pre-diabetes and can predict the onset of type 2 diabetes.

These acids can change up to 10 years before the disease fully develops.

The scientists are now developing a blood test to be offered to patients during a routine check-up and could give those with the markers up to ten years to combat the disease.

Lead researcher Dr Wei Jia said, “To know if you are likely to get diabetes in a few years is an important discovery. People can hopefully get tested for the disease during physical exams in the future.”

“If people know they are specifically pre-diabetic, they can have a more targeted way of treating it.

Dr Wei and his team worked with scientists from  Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital and studied metabolically healthy and unhealthy obese subjects, observing the occurrence of pre-diabetes over ten years. The study was published in the journal EBioMedicine.

If your doctor said you would definitely have diabetes in 10 years’ time, would you change your lifestyle to prevent it? 

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  1. My husband has had Type one for 53 years and has always been fit and a healthy diet . The more we can know about prevention the better we deal with it.. Having lived with diabetes I would hate to get type 2 . The more we educate ourselves pre diabetes the better we will cope in attitude and health if we ever got this disease.

  2. Yes definitely, being forwarned and changing a few things could prevent a lot of type 2 that would be great for the person and the medical system.

  3. I spoke to my doctor the other day about diabetes and she said that Type 2 diabetes can be hereditary. I guess if I could find out ahead of time, then yes I would.

  4. In 10 years who gives a toss. So long as I can go fly fishing at 82 I’ll be fine. 😉

    3 REPLY
    • For all sorts of reasons I’m not doing much local though I did do 3 trips this year to remote areas. One to PNG and the other two to western Cape York. By the look of it next year will be 3 trips plus more local. B|

    • Lee Horrocks There are a lot of Fly Fishers up your way and there is good salt and fresh water to cover. B|

  5. I’ve known for 48 years that I am a candidate. In later years I have had to take more care but as of this week am free. Mainly diet and exercise eg walk. aqua aerobics have kept me safe . I am 77 years old.

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