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In some very exciting breakthrough news, a medical researcher who has just proven to reverse the affects of Alzheimer’s has shared that he expects clinical trials to be carried out within the next decade.

Dr Haakon Nygaard of the University of British Columbia in Canada has been experimenting with the drug, brivaracetam – a drug currently being trialled as a treatment for epilepsy.

The potent anti-convulsant drug, designed to prevent or reduce the severity of seizures, was found to completely reverse memory loss in rats suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The study, in the journal Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, reinforces a theory that brain hyperexcitability plays an important role in the disease.

Dr Nygaard said, “Now we have many different research groups using anti-epileptic drugs that engage the same target, and all point to a therapeutic effect in both Alzheimer’s disease models, and patients with the disease.”

The investigation into brivaracetam has come shortly after alternative epilepsy drug, levetiracetam was found to have the same affects when tested for Alzheimer’s.

“Both of these drugs are likely to be tested in larger clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease over the next five to 10 years.” Dr Nygaard said.

So tell us, would you or family members be willing to participate in a clinical trial on something that could reverse Alzheimer’s? Or is it too risky as the side effects just aren’t known yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. If I had the illness I would be in the trial no matter what the side effects as how else will a cure ever be found.

  2. It is a bit hard to say until you have been there but if I or a close family member developed the disease I think participation in such a trial would be a consideration. After all, what is their to loose if you have already lost your marbles; so to speak.

  3. My husband was on a trial at Melbourne Hospital,he did improve ,but not enough patients showed any,so they stopped it so disheartening

  4. Why wouldn’t you? A person with Alzheimer’s has nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Why wait for so long? Sorry Shirley about your husband. Was it the drug in Question?

  5. My mother had been diagnosed a couple of years ago and until just over a week ago she went downhill rapidly. She was living at home and looking after herself reasonably ok except for a lot if losing keys and other things. In the last week she has been hallucinating and her sentences are not making sense. She has been admitted to hospital to do some tests but they are saying she mat not go back home. I want my old mum back x

    5 REPLY
    • Sorry you are going through this, Robyn. It doesn’t matter how old we are does it, we always need our Mum. Hope everything is quickly worked out for you and your Mother.

    • I really feel for you. I lost my mother on Monday……but in reality I lost her years ago. It is the most hideous of diseases.

    • Sorry to hear that Robyn,and for your losses Fran and Ruth.xx My mum has it;today i visited her and she didnt know it was me! The cruelest disease of them all.

  6. Such an opportunity for so many, should be eligible for trial before deterioration. Fancy worrying about side effects!

  7. Why not now? Why should we wait for another decade? Or if so, why did you mention by the way? Ridiculous.

  8. This is not good enough ! Problem is government do not take this terriable condition serious ! My mother had for 14 years ! People need help now
    Spend the 600 million a year u give Indonesian to help these people the process if Canggu early can in some cases be slowed down
    This condition will become the biggest killer in Australia with in ten years. Do something for these decent people and family s

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