Alarming new research finds statins could double your risk of this chronic disease

Scientists have long suspected it and now a ten-year study has pretty much confirmed their fears – there is a strong link

Scientists have long suspected it and now a ten-year study has pretty much confirmed their fears – there is a strong link between diabetes and the common heart medicine statins.

Research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that people who take statins have almost double the risk of diabetes, and also serious diabetic complications. Weight gain is also associated with statin use, and the researchers found those taking the drugs also had more than double the risk of diabetic complications including eye, nerve and kidney damage, The Express newspaper reports.

More than 25,900 patients were involved in the decade long study.

In recent years, statin use has been associated with severe muscle pain, depression, fatigue, impaired memory and stroke, however health professionals fins they are an effective way to reduce cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick, who has studied statins and heart health told The Express, “There have been a number of small studies that have suggested an increase in the risk of diabetes and statin use. However this large and long term study has confirmed this is a significant problem.

“This study demolishes the argument that these drugs should be prescribed to anyone, as the harms may outweigh previously suggested benefits.”

More than 1.5 million Australians currently take statins, which are prescribed to lower cholesterol and come in numerous forms:

  • Atorvastatin (e.g. Lipitor)
  • Fluvastatin (e.g. Lescol)
  • Pravastatin (e.g. Pravachol)
  • Rosuvastatin (e.g. Crestor)
  • Simvastatin (e.g. Zocor)

Id you are taking statins and you are concerned, speak with your doctor. It is not advisable to make any changes to your mediation without consulting a health professional first.


Do you take statins or know someone who does? Have you noticed a benefit?

    • What side effects pls,I Hv been taken Crestor for the past 8 years now, n I am a diabetic 2, the only things is joints problem ( muscles inflammation )!!!! I Hv to check if there’s statins in it . Thx for the wake up call👏

  1. stopped taking Crestor many side effects

    • What side effects pls,I Hv been taken Crestor for the past 8 years now, n I am a diabetic 2, the only things is joints problem ( muscles inflammation )!!!! I Hv to check if there’s statins in it . Thx for the wake up call👏

    • i had similar to what you had … I used to get cramps, tightness in my shoulders and neck …. I was taking CoEnzyme Q10 to counteract muscle pain and inflammation …. CoEnzyme is a natural product not a drug

    • Sam Rouda OMG!, Thk u kindly for opening my eyes , I just googled Crestor and it’s horrible, I will definitely stop the tablet and do more exercise n diet n enquiry for a safer tablet . It apparently affect your kidney n inflames ur muscles . Thk u , I will also query about CoEnzyme Q10 with my doct 👍,

  2. Statins are prescribed to control cholesterol.
    They cause memory loss.

    • I read the excerpt from the book “Lipitor. The Thief of Memory” My memory’s dicey as it is without making it worse.

    • My dearest friend of over 50 years now has full blown dementia she took Lipitor for her high cholesterol & had to resign as a R/N due to her memory loss a year after commencing it 😪

    • I was losing mine. Wife came home pne day and asked if I was on Losec.
      Stopped it and memory improved.
      Not what it was? But then I will soon be 66 yeats old.

  3. Statins sent me psychotic. Then was put on ezitrol to control cholesterol and the reduction in cholesterol stopped my brain functioning properly, got names wrong etc gave me muscle aches etc etc. Stopped them after five years and got my life back. Dr complained and was bemused when i told him studies have shown people live longer off them!!Cholesterol isn’t a problem! It’s the sugars in our diets that cause lesions in arteries and the cholesterol builds up to attempt repair. We don’t stop scabs forming over wounds; we try and stop the wounds from happening. Sugar industry has a lot to answer for.

    • I am on statins too. When i first started them suffered with muscle aches. I stopped taking them but GP told me to resume taking them,which i have
      Muscle aches only occasional now. What t do you do?

      • Trillian  

        See a dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Start Pilates.

    • I’d say if your cholesterol is 6 or less you don’t need them at all. This is my opinion and not advice. There is a big push to get cholesterol down to about 4 which is quite low. You’re brain and body cells need cholesterol to function! The Statins work by blocking a chemical pathway in the liver that leads to about 7 Essential compounds including co enzyme q10. It blocks the production of all of them to block just cholesterol! The drug is a poison in my opinion!

    • When I stopped the statins I also realised it was up to myself to take control and it was not all that difficult. It’s quite manageable without the statins. So much info is now available on Google.

  4. Ihav have been on Lipitor for years, during that time gained a lot of weight,contracted Diabetes and had 12 strokes

  5. Diet & exercise should be the first line of attack in achieving normal cholesterol levels and getting those blood sugar triglycerides under control especially as you get older— my cholesterol levels are a touch high overall mainly because my good HDL is around 3.3 instead of the 1 to 2 level and bad LDL at 2.8— I do lots of cycling and exercise most days— a lot of these drugs are just no good for you inner organs

    • Sacrifices must be made on this journey–a few years ago I accidentally & unofficially jumped onto ” Dry July ” and I scared myself on how easy I gave up my daily beer intake–too much sugar and lazy calories there– still have a casual beer when needed but not daily !!

    • Lucky for me my young doctor appears to use medication as a last resort

      • I agree wholeheartedly Alan. You must have some sort of an exercise program going as you age. And yes, that one beer and a glass of red with dinner every day is the difference between getting your body fat down or leaving it where it is. I go to the gym six days a week or do some type of alternate exercise like going for a surf when I don’t go and still can’t get that last little bit off. Lately I have changed to only having a few social on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That seems to be helping. Fortunately I don’t take any medications at all and I put a lot of that down to having done some form of exercise most of my life and pretty much stick to a Mediterranean style diet.

  6. I take Lipitor and it has halved my cholesterol reading. I exercise and eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight. With a history of heart disease in both sides of my family my doctor felt it was necessary to lower my cholesterol levels. Prior to taking Lipitor my reading was 8 now my reading is 4. So far I have had no nasty side effects so I will continue to take them.

  7. Virginia Mather  

    I’ve been on Crestor 10mg for over 10 years and Pravachol before that. My cholesterol levels are now perfect. I have had absolutely no side effects . The history of heart attacks in my family is horrendous, with uncles dropping dead in their 40s and 50s, my father had open heart surgery and a triple bypass at 72 after years of angina, my sister had 6 blocked arteries and 6 stents in her 60s and my brother had a heart attack at 58. I’m not risking going off them. I’m 63 and in perfect health.

    • Lyn Schedue  

      I was getting quite worried until l read your post Viginia, l have been on 10 mild for about 12 years so think l will continue. I have cut down on my sugar intake which l am hoping has helped too

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