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Scientists have, for a long time, been trying to find the link between gasses released in human flatulence and our health. Sometimes we make up our own mind about someone’s health if they pass wind while near us, but these scientists want to take a much more serious snapshot of our health.

According to The Daily Mail, researchers plan to ferment feces and mark gases in the human body to identify cancer and other health problems using a somewhat unconventional system.

The device is a 10mm long capsule that looks just like any pill. The patient can swallow it and as it passes through the body it will measure the concentration of intestinal gases using a built in sensor and a wireless high frequency transmitter.

The data can then simply appear on a connected iPhone and doctors and scientists can find any correlations or alarm bells.

Professor Kalantar-zadeh from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, a lead researcher, said that current non-invasive methods of measuring intestinal gas, such as breath testing, were unreliable. “Being able to accurately measure intestinal gases could accelerate our knowledge about how specific gut microorganisms contribute to gastrointestinal disorders and food intake efficiency.”

So there we have it!

It’s an interesting concept and a lot less invasive than other cancer diagnosis tools. But would you really try it?

Share your thoughts in the comments below… Would you like to see this become common? 

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  1. Quite possible, it has been reported that some dogs have been able to recognise Cancer from a persons breath, if this is true then I believe there is a simple and easy way of detection that needs to be followed..

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    • I have a friend who has been struggling for the last 2 years with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and her dog used to love cuddling up to her but then arced back as he detected the cancer in her neck before she knew. When she went to the Doctor she was diagnosed then. Old Heath knew so dogs are amazing.

    • So this poses the question..should there be more research in this area?? If as we get older we could have an easy breath test when we have our pathology done it could help to diagnose earlier any lurking cancer cells.. interested theory!

    • Gail, I was very sceptical about the idea of dogs being able to detect cancer. Then last December I was very unwell and my dog would not leave my side, constantly wanting to sit on my knee. he was well but a few weeks after the behaviour started I was diagnosed with two aggressive melanomas. After they were removed and I was recovering, Ziggy reverted to being the independent little dog he had been prior to my illness.

    • Oooh that gave me goosebumps! I had heard of this before..fascinating.. there should be more research in this area..must be some smell on the breath..my husband died of Pancreatic Cancer, one of those cancers that attacks the internal organs and hard to detect before it becomes aggressive… maybe if we had a dog!

    • I guess we should never just dismiss things that are not on the radar before exploring the possibilities..(I am a nurse and my husband was a GP)

  2. Certainly would try anything that is less invasive. what a great idea if it works.

  3. Weren’tall forms of diagnoses unconventional at one stage or another? And if it could possibly save lives then hell yes bring it on!!!

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