9 ways to beat your spontaneous cravings

Sometimes it is just does not seem possible to stop yourself from eating those biscuits. Admit it, we’ve all felt this way and wish we could have stopped.

Try to remember that cravings most commonly result from the following: hunger, anger, loneliness or fatigue. Answering one or more of these can get to the root cause of your craving. And yes, the first one does actually mean you are hungry – listen to your body and eat responsibly.

Here are nine proven tricks to help you keep on track and beat your spontaneous cravings. 


1. Think ‘pause’ 

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When you reach for your pack of Tim Tams next time (because we all know there will be a next time), imagine pressing pause. For instance, if someone asked to borrow money from you, would you automatically give it to them or stop an think about it? With food the majority of us don’t stop to think about it, we simply indulge. Think ‘pause’ and wait ten minutes before making a decision.

2. Tell yourself you ‘can’

Do not deny yourself your favourite foods immediately. Rather, it is important to make changes that are realistic for long-term. You can eat what you want but not everything you want. It’s not about what you can’t it, it’s about what you can eat.

3. The ‘eat an apple’ trick

Would you eat an apple? If yes, then you probably are hungry but if not, have a glass of water instead. Sometimes thirst masks itself as hungry so hydrating yourself can help to silence that craving.

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4. Imagine eating 

According to a recent study, those who imagined eating the bag of candy before indulging actually ate less than the others who did not visualise. Thinking about eating the food can actually help decrease your consumption.

5. Substitute unhealthy with healthy foods that resemble junk food

Just because you’ve got craving for chips, doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy that craving with a crispy alternative. Make a batch of kale crisps or whip up a chilled smoothie instead of eating a carton of ice cream. You will adjust; give yourself time.

6. Portion your snacks

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Remember when you were at school and had a lunch kit packed with foods all portioned out? Go back in time and do this again. You can trick your mind by portioning out your snacks. This way will be able to eat ‘all’ of something.

7. Give yourself a break 

Plan ahead for your junk food. It’s okay to have one indulgent day or meal. It’s easier to resist a bad craving if you know you can have your favourite food later.

8. Fool your eyes and stay away from the TV 

Use smaller plates and it will provide visual satisfaction. Also, eat your food sitting down and not in front of the TV. Allow yourself to focus on your meal, not what is going on around you that is out of your control.

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9. Create a distraction list

Keep distracted and motivate yourself. You can do this! You can even set your phone to send you motivational messages. Keep these ideas at the forefront of your mind so when you’re hit with a spontaneous craving you can and will beat it.


Have you ever tried any of these tricks – did they work? Tell us, what do you do when you have a craving? Share your thoughts below.