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A set of exercises to complete every day can help you feel fitter and more energetic throughout the day. The combination of these exercises allows to help you become stronger each day, as well as quickly tone your body. A short work-out can sometimes be as beneficial as a long run or weights session.

Quick tips for these exercises:

  • Allow yourself a break between exercises
  • Allow at least 30 seconds for each exercise
  • Customise how long you complete exercises in order to complete the circuit.
  • Repeat the circuit again if you can to build up your endurance each day

By adding this into your morning routine it can really make a difference and it it doesn’t take long!

Below are the 10 exercises to complete a day:

1. Stretching

Mature Woman in Prayer Yoga Pose

Stretching is extremely important for your bones and to get your body moving well. You need to stretch both your arms and legs to help you loosen your body and get you ready for your next exercise.

2. Bent-knee push up


A great starting option if you struggle with the correct form of a full push-Up.

3. Abdominal crunch


Slowly crunch to each knee and keep alternating.

4. Arm raises


Arm raises can be difficult, do not push yourself and use slow movement when raising your arms up and down. Use only one arm each side if that is most comfortable.

5. Glute bridge (hip movement)


Hold your glutes tight for 30 seconds, if you need to stop, do so and change exercises.

6. Leg raises



Get into a comfortable position and slowly raise one leg up and down for 30 seconds. Alternate legs, each leg for 30 seconds.

Source: Tiptoplifestyle.com

7. Squats

Senior man. Squatting

Squat to the appropriate height to which you feel comfortable. Continue squats for 30 seconds, standing up and then down again.

9. Bicep curls



Curl your arms using weights or a heavier object. Not everyone has weights, therefore use household objects that hold weight. If it is easier alternate bicep curls for each arm.

9. Lunges

google image

Alternate legs and do both for 30 seconds each leg. Don’t push yourself, do what you feel comfortable.

Source: Diyhealth.com

What do you do to get fit? What exercises do you do that aren’t mentioned above? Tell us below!

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  1. I do Tai chi twice a week but also do weights like the ones in the exercises shown. I am 74 and try and keep my arms and legs strong.It helps with balance .

  2. If any one has some things for me to do please share. I had a very nasty break to my shoulder 15 mths ago and can only lift my right arm to just below shoulder hight. Makes it impossible to put any weight whatsoever on my right arm. Hope some one has something. Thanks.

    10 REPLY
    • How about walking. I have been walking for a while now with my dog and have lost weight. I used to swim and that was good exercise. However, it would not be any good for your arm. Going to the pool costs money; walking doesn’t. However, if money is not a problem, you could always go to a pool and just walk. It is very beneficial and you will lose weight. It is good for someone who has bad knees.

    • Thank you. Used to swim a lot but can’t now, I just go round in circles. LOL. Never thought of just walking. Will give it a go thanks.

    • When my Mother in Law hurt her shoulder, she was given strengthening exercises. One I remember she would stand close to a wall and from arm outstretched would walk her fingers up the wall slowly. As her shoulder got stronger she would step further away from the wall. The very first times she tried it, I noted she held her hand by the elbow for support from the other hand until she was strong enough to do it without support.

      She would also do a couple of exercises of just raising and lowering her arm with support but only small lifts.from out in front to a comfortable height.

      She had injured her shoulder from a fall.

    • Gillian thats a good exercise for shoulders. My physio taught me that and it has helped my shoulder gain strength and I no longer walk crooked!

    • Thankyou Margaret. I have the same problem and get frustrated trying to do exercise. I am a young 76

  3. To really help this should go on one video and be downloadable

  4. I have started swimming 6 days a week and love it. I also do some stretching exercises too. Like Annette and Gloria I would not be able to get off the floor lol 🙂

  5. Great news it’s really is a part of family isn’t it
    Give her special bone for her tea Sue

  6. The squats would kill me but I am up to try the rest. Lets all report back here in 3 months with how we are doing. 🙂

    1 REPLY
    • Incentive! That’s a good idea Babs.
      Take note of what we can do now and see how much we can do just by adding a little bit at a time.
      3 months puts us back here reporting on 27th Feb 2015.

  7. Iv just started the gym and do all the above.. Didnt think in a million yrs that I could do those squats. But I can. And improving. I can get down on the floor ok but its hillarious trying to get back up…lol

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