9 foods that relieve constipation

We’ve all been backed up and all know how uncomfortable it is. It can feel very sore and tender. You want to go but just can’t, so what can you do without taking medications?

We have 9 of the best foods to eat to avoid and relieve constipation.

Remember, if you have constipation more than once every few weeks or have severe pain or bleeding, it’s important to get this checked out by your doctor. With that said, in most cases constipation is just a sign that your diet needs more fibre.

1. Popcorn

It might be a food you only have at the cinema but popcorn is a great source of fibre – if done the right way. Pop some corn kernels at home with a dash of sea salt and you will feel the relief

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2. Beans

We’ve all heard the rhymes about beans and their tendency to make you fart, but beans are truly a great laxative – they have twice as much fibre as most vegetables. A half-cup serving of any type of beans will make you feel better in no time, and can be added to plenty of dishes

3. Dried fruit

Dried fruit is really delicious and good for your digestive system. Prunes particularly are rich in fibre, vitamin A and potassium, and are a tried and test remedy for constipation.

4. Broccoli

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Just like beans, broccoli are packed full of fibre, plus they’re low in calories. You’re going to want to eat your broccoli raw though, since cooking it can reduce its fibre content. Try steaming, broiling, or baking if you do want to cook it.

5. Pears

Pears are considered to be natural laxatives and have a way of moving the stool through the intestines.

6. Peaches

Whether dried or fresh, peaches are not only delicious and juicy but are also packed with fibre.

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7. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is a great way to regulate your digestive system and avoid constipation. Plus it tastes fantastic.

8. Figs

Soften that stool with figs – they have fibre and ease your digestion.

9. Whole Grains

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Of a morning, try to incorporate multigrain or wholegrain bread, oats or bran into your breakfast.


What other foods or remedies work to relieve constipation for you?