6 ways women can avoid thinning hair

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As you get older, an obviously sparser hairline can be quite confronting, as can locks that lack colour or volume.

While it’s natural to lose around 100 strands a day, there is a risk that your day-to-day lifestyle choices are making the process worse than it needs to be.

If you think your hair is looking a little on the thin side lately, there are several simple tips that can help remedy the problem. Of course, if these don’t do the trick it might be worthwhile seeing your doctor to determine if there’s an underlying health issue, or considering a dedicated hair restoration treatment. Click here to learn more about your options.

1. Reconsider your hairstyle

A tight hairstyle can cause stress on the delicate hairs of your hairline, which can ultimately lead to thinning.

If you’re wearing your hair in a tight ponytail, a slicked-back bun or something similarly that creates similar physical tension, it could be causing unnecessary hair loss.

2. Turn down the heat

If you use a hair straightener or curling iron, be sure not to leave it on one area for too long. The heat causes your hair to ‘fracture’, making it more brittle and prone to falling out. If you hear a sizzling sound or you burn your fingers, it might be time to change your straightening and styling techniques.

3. Avoid chemical treatments

Bleaching or lightening your hair can cause all sorts of damage to the strands of hair, weakening them and causing them to fall out. If you don’t like your natural colour, and you dye your hair regularly, be sure to get a deep-conditioning treatment from your hairdresser on a regular basis.

4. Adjust your diet

Eating foods that are high in iron, zinc and vitamin B12 can have a positive effect on your scalp’s health. If you have a diet full of leafy greens, nuts, fish and lean meat, you can give your hair every chance to revitalise.

5. Massage your scalp regularly

Don’t wait until you’re next at the hairdresser – give yourself a good head rub in the shower while you’re washing your hair. Massaging your scalp can improve circulation and has been found to stimulate hair growth.

6. Consider a dedicated treatment

If you’re finding your thinning hair has become a serious concern, it’s worth remembering that thinning hair is treatable – naturally, reliably and with only minimal adjustments to your routine.

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