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Girls just want to have fun… You’re likely to recognise this line from Cyndi Lauper’s ‘80s classic. So why am I bringing it up here? Because it’s true!

For some reason, people are amazed when I tell them that I’m a marathon runner even though I’m over 50. Their amazement only grows when I tell them that I only started running in my late 30s.

Running isn’t just a sport for young people. Even though I didn’t discover it until later on in life, it’s completely changed my life.

Regardless of your age, running is a great option and won’t cost you a thing. More and more of the women I’m working with are more mature and are on the prowl for a new challenge.

Looking at a treadmill or doing the same circuit at the gym can get old very quickly. Yes, the weather’s a little chilly now but there’s nothing like getting outside, breathing in the fresh air and having a good running session.

If you’re just starting out, I’ve put together 5 simple tips that’ll help you to really enjoy your running:



#1 – Quality shoes are priceless 

You need to be as comfortable as possible while running so do your research and invest in a quality pair of running shoes.

Everyone is different in terms of what feels comfy but look for shoes that suit your feet type, the type of running you’ll be doing (short bursts or longer distances), how you run (heel to toe or toe to heel) and the overall number of kilometres you plan to be notching up each week.

Sadly, sometimes, looks aren’t everything!



#2 – Set a running goal and stick to it

Everyone’s goals are different and that’s perfectly fine. Some people just aim to finish a marathon while others shoot for a certain time.


I know when I started out, I would struggle to run for extended periods so I’d hobble along and then walk a bit to break it up. Slowly, I built my fitness level and ability to run.


Whatever your aim is, stick to it and if you are aiming to make a certain distance or time, push yourself a little harder during each session.


Having a goal will help you to maintain your focus and remain motivated.



#3 – Always run with your mobile phone

I have been known to go running at 5am in the morning before my day begins. Of course, that means I’m running in the dark. I never leave my phone behind though.


Whatever time of the day you choose to run, always have your mobile phone handy for safety. You may need help along the way and a phone acts as your peace of mind.



#4 – Keep your fluids up


When you’re just starting to run, it’s easy to forget the basics. Your body needs to remain hydrated so always carry a bottle of water or an electrolyte drink of some kind with you.


If you find carrying a bottle a hassle, make sure you know you’ll be able to get to a drink along the way.



#5 – Make it a team effort!

Sure, a lot of people enjoy running solo but I much prefer to run with friends. They’ll help to motivate you on the days you’re struggling and it’s something you can really share and enjoy with those around you.


Tell us, do you run or walk often? What is stopping you if not? 




Erica King

Erica King is the Founder of Running Divas Australia. She began running from scratch at 38 and hasn’t looked back since. Erica has completed numerous marathons around the globe and in 2014, set herself the lofty challenge of running 12 marathons in 12 months. After completing this enormous feat in December last year, she set herself a new goal for 2015: To help 1,000 women to run either their first half or full marathon.

  1. I started running at 30yrs old and still going at 66yrs, don’t do the distances I used to but still manage a 3km cross country race on weekend with athletic club. Enjoy biking as well.

  2. #6 good bra
    A friend is into running. I like to walk and dance, which can be pretty invigorating.

  3. Quietly I have always wished I could run and whilst only nearing my 50’s this maybe good advise. I hope it covers protecting the knees.

  4. I am always surprised when I hear people saying 50 is old ,No 1 forget that ,but wished I had started early ,believed it would have helped with my Arthritis,but worked full time till I was sixty standing all day ,doing volunteer work late Seventies,so just walks for me ,but good luck to you all ,

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