17 of the best quick and healthy lunch ideas

There’s so much more to lunch than boring old sandwiches… A health, protein-packed midday meal can help you maintain energy levels and make the most of your afternoon. But, let’s face it, coming up with a fresh idea each day is hard – here are 17 of our favourite ideas for quick, healthy lunches.

Warning: this post will make you hungry!


1. Leftover corn and chicken frittatas


Are you wondering what to do with leftover chicken? Why not make a chicken and corn frittata for lunch? This recipe is great if you don’t want those precious leftovers to go to waste.

Recipe here

2. Chia pudding with mixed berries


For those with a sweet tooth, chia pudding is a wonderfully satisfying and filling dish that is also healthy and super versatile to accommodate for taste, season and occasion.

Recipe here

3. Watermelon and haloumi salad

Watermelon and Haloumi

This is a such a great combination for when you just want something quick and tasty.

Recipe here

4. Simple, easy, four ingredient garden omelette!


Fill yourself up with the sunny goodness of a garden omelette. The perfect blend of protein and vegetables will keep you going all afternoon.

Recipe here

5. Quick and easy slow cooker quiche squares

Frost Bite - quiche

You’ll need to think ahead, but the results will be worth it. These quiche squares can be made with whatever ingredients you have at hand.

Recipe here

6. Avocado fries


Avos are packed full of healthy fats and nutrients, not to mention they taste great in their many forms.

Recipe here

7. Pear, rocket & fig salad

salad with pears, arugula and figs

The sweetness of pears and figs, with fiery rocket and a salty feta makes a super-quick, flavour-packed lunch. Serve with crusty bread dipped in olive oil.

8. Cobb salad

Cobb Salad

A typical Cobb Salad includes some cold cuts or leftover meat, corn and blue cheese along with salad vegetables. Add crispy bacon for extra flavour and an egg for more protein.

9. Greek sandwich

Greek sandwich

Fry slices of eggplant in a pan with a tiny splash of olive oil, combine with tomato, cucumber, rocket or lettuce on bread smeared with olive tapenade. You could add feta or haloumi cheese, too.

10. Quinoa tabouleh


The grain that’s not a grain, quinoa is a great source of protein and fibre. This fabulous dish combines traditional tabouleh ingredients with the supergrain for a light, filling lunch.

Recipe here

11. Jacket potato with coleslaw



Jacket potatoes are wonderful things. Stick them a whole potato in the oven and in a couple of hours you have a wonderful base for all kinds of toppings. You could smother it in cheese and bacon… or go for a more healthy option!

Here’s a great recipe for Jacket Potato with Apple coleslaw.

12. Healthy lunch bowl


Boost your protein and veggie intake by throwing some avocado, hummus and fresh vegetables into a bowl, along with a handful of chickpeas and some pumpkin seeds.

13. Vegetable soup

Minestrone soup

Having a tub of veggie soup in the fridge just makes life better! Some good quality stock, plus whatever vegetables you have in the fridge makes a quick meal of lunch.

Try this red lentil and carrot soup recipe here.

14. Asian chicken salad

Vietnamese cabbage salad.

Cabbage, carrot and shallots form the basis of a yummy Asian salad, with you can have with or without chicken, and also add noodles. Dress with lime or lemon juice, sesame oil and soy sauce. Or try this Gai Gai chicken salad here.

15. Sushi


Making your own sushi isn’t as scary as it sounds! Seaweed is a fantastic source of iodine, which is essential for healthy thyroid function.

Try this recipe here.

16. Noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup

The go-to lunch in Asia, noodle soup is delicious year-round. Add whatever vegetables you like, plus leftover meat or a boiled egg. You might want to try this Udon Soup with Bok Choy and poached egg recipe here.

17. Fried rice


It’s best to make this dish with cold, leftover rice. Again, you can use whatever veggies you have, chopping them into small cubes, plus leftover meat or egg. Season with soy and sweet chilli sauce, freshen with lime or lemon juice and herbs.

Help us make this list even better – tell us about your favourite, healthy go-to lunch!