14 body surprises after 60

After 60 years it looks like your body has a few more surprises in store for you. Have you noticed that your taste buds have changed or you bruise more easily?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common surprises you can expect in the coming years. Do you have any others to add?


1. Food will taste different

Do you remember watching your Gran piling on the salt at supper? Well it’s actually because of your ageing taste buds. The cells that distinguish aromas decrease without being replenished as quickly. But don’t just sprinkle on the salt for more flavour, instead experiment with seasonings to enhance the dish.

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2. Your sweat will smell different

Your body odour will change with age. This is a result of the chances in your sweat glands, hormones and in some cases, medication.

3. Cravings will change

Switching from sweet to salty snack cravings or vice versa is normal. This is due to shifting and fluctuating hormones. For instances, chances in serotonin levels are known to impact the desire for cookies, chips or other treats.

4. Getting out of bed in the morning will be difficult

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Your body is beginning to feel the wear and tear of the previous 60 years; you’re just not as limber or strong as before. It is more common to feel stiff and sore in the morning.

5. You’ll slow down, literally

It’ll become harder for you to keep up due to the slow down of brain signals to your muscles. The brain cells that shoot motor-control commands begins to decrease for most people around 40 years old.

6. Dental hygiene will need closer monitoring

Just like as a child, cavities will become a concern again. Tooth enamel things and breaks down leaving your teeth exposed to more bacterial. Try to practice good dental hygiene: brush your teeth twice a day, floss and see your dentist regularly to prevent decay.

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7. Bruises will be more common

A little bump may leave a mark because your skin is thinner and doesn’t have the same protection as before.

8. Recovering from injury will take longer and mystery aches will appear

As we age our muscle mass declines and repair mechanisms slows down. There is an overall decrease in strength and a longer recovery time so it’s important to stay active and build strength to avoid injury. You will also start to pay the price for poor posture or previous injury; people in their 60s begin to experience more body aches and pains.

9. Your skin will dry

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Your body begins to produce less oil, which is great for those who struggle with adult acne but for the rest of us it means brittle skin. Remember the wear sunblock and drink fluids to keep your skin nourished.

10. You will likely shrink

The spinal column begins to get shorter due to loss of bone density and menopause means that new bone can’t be rebuilt as quickly as it’s breaking down. This means that women are likely to develop osteoporosis. Again, it’s important to do strength training or an activity that puts stress on your bones in order to signal your brain for new bone cells to be added. As well, it’s important to eat calcium-rich foods.

11. Your bladder might become a problem or you won’t be able to do your business

Many adults struggle with an overactive bladder. This is because the muscles that control the bladder become unstable leading to contractions before the bladder is completely full. As well, with age our kidneys process more urine at night.

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The other problem that commonly occurs is constipation. Muscle movement from the colon slows, which changes your body’s mechanics. It’s important to eat a high-fibre diet and keep hydrated.

12. Weight control becomes a challenge

The shifts in our body’s metabolism and hormonal changes make it more challenging to lose weight and keep it off. Try to make smart choices and lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent weight gain.

13. Forgetfulness is inevitable

Have you noticed you can’t recall facts like you used to? Your brain won’t work as quickly as your younger self but continuing to do mentally stimulating activities, you can keep your mind sharp.

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14. Sex life will be different

Different doesn’t mean worse! Yes women may experience vaginal dryness and men may discover their erections are less firm and take longer to rise but experts suggest that spending more time to become fully aroused can bring you and your partner more in sync.


Tell us, have you experienced any of these body surprises? Do you have any others to add?