12 natural ways to care for the skin around your eyes

The skin around our eyes is so delicate and it can really easily become tender, wrinkled, red or dark. Other skin on your body is much thicker and can resist harsh chemical, weather and sun, whereas the soft skin under your eyes is very thin.

Luckily, there are a number of natural ways to soothe the eye area so you will look fresh all day. Here’s our favourites!


1. Avoid harsh products

Even hypoallergenic skin products can irritate the eye area, so choose natural products designed only for eye use. Apply new products sparingly at first, such as once a day to see if irritation develops.

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2. Wear sunscreen

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Because the under-eye skin is thin and delicate, it is infinitely more prone to sun damage. Try a zinc oxide sunscreen that is light enough to wear under your makeup.


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3. Drink lots of water!

We say it all the time but women in their 60s are among the most dehydrated in society. Our skin begins drying out in our 40s and 50s and by our 60s, it needs a lot more water to keep supple.


4. Rose water

The rejuvenating features of rose water are very effective in reducing dark circles as well as soothing the area. Just apply cotton balls soaked in rose water on closed eyes for 15 minutes or so.

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5. Cucumber and basil tea

Slice or grate cucumber and blend to fine consistency. Strain the juice and preserve the pulp. Prepare a cup of basil tea and add the pulp to it. Pour the mixture into ice tray and make cubes. Once frozen, dab them onto puffy eyes.


6. Honey and almond oil

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Mix half a tea spoon of honey with half a tea spoon of almond oil and apply it around the eyes before bed. Try this weekly twice for a visible result.


7. Castor oil

Dip your index finger in castor oil and apply under the eyes. Remember not to overmoisturise the area as this can lead to puffy eyes. The thick consistency of castor oil will help in keeping the area nourished and prevent fine lines from appearing.


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8. Rosemary oil

Take some rosemary oil and apply under the eyes. Massage gently in an upward stroke and do this every day for a few minutes to even out fine lines and wrinkles.


9. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is so versatile and has many nutrients that help the skin’s softness. Leave a coat of coconut oil under your eyes in the night to keep the skin soft and supple when you wake up.

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10. Egg whites

Egg whites are known for its skin tightening action and this will help in reducing wrinkles. Take some egg white and leave a layer under the skin and wash off after 10 minutes.


11. Lemon juice

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It reduces crow’s feet and makes the dry skin around the eyes moisturised. This natural remedy is effective for removing dark circles. Make a mixture of two three drops of and fresh lemon juice. Apply the mixture around eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.


12. Pineapple juice

If you want to reduce dark circles, bags and dry skin around the eyes, this natural remedy will do wonders. Apply it under the eyes and leave for about 20 minutes. Pineapple juice full of alpha-hydroxy acid and bromelain, an enzyme that helps to get rid of dead skin cells as well as tightens the loose skin under eyes.