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Join the Starts at 60 'Health Kick'

It’s time I got a little healthier – and when I called out in a few of our Facebook groups I found that a lot of you feel the same way.   So, I’m setting down a challenge… Let’s do it together in 2019.  I am hoping I can find a few over-60s around the country keen to go on a health and fitness journey with me that suits you. If we get this right, we can keep each other company, and help ourselves stay “on the healthier in 2019 wagon” until we hit our goals, then learn to maintain them together. 

Everyone’s different so we can each charter our own path and talk about it together.   I myself will be going fo some regular light jogs using an app, and training to jog 5kms again; doing a weight bearing exercise program at home and alongside it I’ll be going on a good healthy diet – nothing drastic – just good eating and natural food.  

And given just how different it is to train at 60 to when you were 20, 30 or 40, I’m going to go and speak to all the experts for you, get a whole lot of tips for over-60s, and bring them all back for inspiration in a weekly emailer.  I’ll talk to dieticians, physiotherapists, personal trainers, academics, GPs and natural health experts to find out the latest and greatest in Baby Boomer and older generation nutrition and exercise.  I can’t wait.  

When will it kick off? 

I figured we should wait for all the excuses to be over.  If we give ourselves a few weeks to prepare, think about it and start warming up, it won’t be such a shock.  So get all your wine, carbs and big excuses away over the coming weeks. 

And in the meantime, sign up, take the quiz so we’re ready to get started  We’re going to get healthier together! 

We’ll start from the 1st February when all the Australia Day parties are over, and we’ll call it the ” Great Starts at 60 Health Kick”. 

There’s two simple things you’ll need to do to get involved: 

  1. Become a part of our Starts at 60 Health Club Facebook Group here.  This is where all our conversations daily will happen where we keep each other honest. 
  2. Take this quick health quiz so we know a little more about what you want out of our health kick and ensure we have your email address for a groovy weekly emailer.  CLICK HERE

We promise helpful exercise tips, healthy recipes and information to assist you in maintaining your focus on weight loss, strength building and becoming an all-round healthier person. 

And I’ll keep you company, if you’ll keep me company!  Goodness knows, I need all the encouragement you can give me

Bec Wilson Xx

Founder and CEO, Starts at 60