The easiest lifehack for a better softened butter

Cooking with butter - there is a better way to soften this ingredient.

So many baking recipes call for softened butter.

One example is for the creaming method to make a batch of biscuits.

Creaming (mixing butter and sugar to create air pockets) helps make your cooking light and airy.

In mid summer you can just leave the butter on your cooking bench for a while.

However if you need it quicker than that, or are enjoying cooler temps and it is taking forever, there is another easy trick to soften the butter other than nuking it in the microwave and melting it far more than it needs.

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Boil the kettle.

You then simply pour hot water into a mug or glass to warm it up.

Then all you need to do is tip the water out and place the glass upside down over the butter.

The warmth from the glass will speed up the softening process. Ta da!

The best softened butter is still cool to touch but will leave a small indentation when you touch it.

If your finger sinks in it means it is now too soft.

Do you have any cool cooking hacks? 

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