Ann's pumpkin soup

Ann Carson has sent in one of her favourite family recipes, ‘Souped by pumpkin soup’ to be enjoyed by the Starts at 60 community. It looks like a perfect crowd pleaser especially coming into the colder months!

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1kg of diced pumpkin
1kg carrots;
1kg of Orange sweet potato;
1kg of red onions;
1kg of diced red capsicum
1 – 2 litres of chicken stock
1 – 2 cups of red lentils

Note: you can swap with any orange or red veggies you like.


  1. Put everything into a large stock pot and cook until early the lentils are squishy
  2. Take off the heat and let it cool for a while
  3. Take a stick blender and a tin of coconut cream and blend everything until smooth and creamy
  4. Season to your taste
  5. This is great to freeze and will last from one season to the next.
  6. I know I’ve stated 1kg for most of the vegies , but seriously the bigger the pot you have, the more you can cook and the more you can freeze for later

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