Nigella Lawson slammed for VERY heavy use of an 'unhealthy' staple

Nigella Lawson
Celebrity cook Nigella Lawson leaves fans shocked.

Even avid fans of the Kitchen Goddess were left shocked after Nigella Lawson’s seasoning style in the latest episode of her television series At My Table.

Admitting she likes to “salt very generously”, the gourmet food writer, was seen creating a Middle Eastern-inspired bulgar wheat recipe, when she added two large spoonfuls of sea salt flakes.

Admittedly, it wasn’t a dish that was meant for one person. But Nigella’s generous splash of sodium caused a social media frenzy as viewers, their blood pressure rising even before they had actually cooked and eaten the salty dish themselves, slammed her for the unhealthy addition.

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Some suggested Lawson may have an ulterior motive …

It didn’t take long before there was also plenty of jokey commentary on the cook’s heavy hand with the salt cellar. 

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Nigella has never been one to focus on diet or health food, and she continued with the theme for the rest of the show, creating breakfast waffles, beef and aubergine fatteh, a fried brie sandwich, and an ice-cream cake topped with passionfruit. 

The celebrity cook launched her latest series, In My Kitchen, last week.  The first episode quickly had fans smitten with Lawson’s expensive taste in kitchen appliances, including a £750 (A$1,290, US$987) limited-edition copper mixer. 

Is that way too much salt for your taste? Or does it sound about right?