Flavoursome and crispy roast chicken every time

Roast tender and crispy chicken to perfection. Source: Getty

Nothing compares to a juicy, crispy chicken roast for Sunday lunch. We all have our own methods when it comes to cooking the beloved roast chicken, but could there be another way?

Starts at 60 chatted with Melbourne-based Latin American chef Alejandro Saravia, owner of Pastuso restaurant, to find out how to get flavoursome and crispy roast chicken every time. 

The trick to a good roast is the quality, he reckons. Alejandro advises to buy a good quality chicken that’s free range and grass fed, “preferably from your local farmer’s market.”

Before roasting, Alejandro advises to marinate the chicken, for extra flavour. He says to create a brine from equal parts salt and sugar (100 grams of each) and to soak the chicken for five hours. 

“You can [also] use a marinade that has salt, sugar and vinegar in it,” he adds. 

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Alejandro Saravia marinates his chicken for extra flavour. Source: Zilla & Brook

After five hours, he says to remove the brine or marinade and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Alejandro reckons if you put the chicken (breast side up) in the fridge overnight, it will help the chicken stay moist during the cooking process, explaining that, “the cold temperature of the fridge will dry the skin, but then salt in the brine will stick to the skin, ensuring the skin gets crispy while cooking.”

Flavour is an important component to a perfect roast, so Alejandro advises to put half a lemon and onion inside the chicken and to rub some dry spices on the skin. “I use cayenne pepper, cumin and black pepper, and then olive oil,” he says. 

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To ensure it’s cooked to perfection, Alejandro advises to sit back, relax and check in on them in 20 minutes. He then advices to turn the temperature up (220 degrees) and cook for a further 30 minutes. 

“This creates a delicious moist roast chicken, with crispy flavourful skin,” he says. 

If you’re cooking to impress, throw some roasted veggies in the mix — just make sure to boil first, for a crunchy outer-layer! 

What do you think? Will you be trying this anytime soon? How do you roast chicken?