Have you been cooking sausages wrong for years? Food blogger says yes

There are some top tips for getting those sausages sizzling just right. Source: Pixabay.

As Australia Day fast approaches, families right across the country will be filling their fridges with sausages ready for a feast.

But whether you fry them, barbecue them, grill them or throw them in a frying pan on high heat, it now turns out you could have been cooking them wrong for years.

According to food blogging site thewhychef.com, the more traditional methods fail to get the best flavour out of your snags. And the site’s recommended method is surprisingly simple.

Author and food enthusiast Martin King claims frying sausages in a pan on low heat, with a knob of unsalted butter, for around 30 minutes is a fool-proof way to get them spot on. The mixture of the butter (which lubricates the pan) and the sausage fat proves to be a powerful secret, and he recommends unsalted butter to avoid salt crystallising and collecting in the pan.

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“It all circulates around the low heat/long time methodology, which allows for a number of processes to really take hold and give the sausages extra flavour and texture,” he writes.

It’s important to remain patient and not turn up the heat to cook them faster. He adds: “The higher the heat, the less the fat renders, the faster the skins burn, and the less likely you are to have a cooked centre before the outer edges start to get tough.”

Many people will no doubt be worried about the health benefits of this method, but King assures his readers it’s “barely any more [unhealthy] than the choice to eat sausages in the first place”. While grilling remains the healthiest option, it sacrifices a lot of flavour you can keep with his method.

King set up his site to “feed the inquisitive child” inside himself, and constantly asks “why?” while looking at everyday food methods and recipes. He insists he doesn’t hold all the answers, but rather likes to spark debate among readers.

It comes after famed chef Tyler Florence claimed most people around the world are making mashed potatoes incorrectly.

He told Popsugar that instead of boiling the potatoes and mashing them with milk, salt and pepper afterwards, people should be boiling them in a saucepan with cream to enhance the flavour and create a silky smooth finish. He said cooking them in water drains them of flavour.

So do you agree? What’s your favoured method to cook your sausages?