Make cleaning your windows easier with these easy tips

Let’s face it, very few of us actually enjoy cleaning our windows. On the occasion that you do clean them,

Let’s face it, very few of us actually enjoy cleaning our windows.

On the occasion that you do clean them, it’s way too easy to leave behind streaks that just won’t budge.

If you struggle with cleaning your windows, there are some things you can do to perfect your window cleaning.

And the best bit is it doesn’t need to be hard work!

Here are five easy tips for cleaning your windows.

1. Make sure the weather is right

Before you start cleaning your windows, take a look at the weather. Apparently, clear sunny days aren’t the best days to clean your windows. It turns out direct sunlight can actually dry your windows too fast, leaving streaks from your cleaning products.

2. Wipe down window sills BEFORE you clean the glass

Ever started cleaning your windows and ended up smearing dirt all over your windows? Well, that’s why it’s important to clean the window sills and frames before the window glass.  Try sweeping any dust and dirt away with a dustpan or broom and then give the window sills and frames a quick wipe over.

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3. Use a sponge with warm soapy water first

Before you reach for the Windex or any other window/glass cleaning sprays, try giving your windows a good wash with a sponge and warm soapy water. The key is to use just a little bit of soap, otherwise you’ll end up streaking your windows! Wet your sponge with the water, wring it out and give your windows a good scrub. This is perfect if you have particularly stubborn stains on the outside of your windows.

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4. Get the squeegee right

Giving your windows a streak-free clean can all come down to the way you squeegee them. Sloppy squeegeeing can leave streaks on your windows. So, what’s the best way to squeegee your windows? Start in the top corner, moving across and down the windows in a reverse-S pattern (left to right, right to left, left to right). As you move down the window, stop and wipe the squeegee blade — that way you won’t spread dirt around the window. If you want to get the best results, spray on a little bit of window cleaner and squeegee the windows a second time.

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5. Buff your windows with newspaper

No doubt you’ve heard of the old newspaper trick for windows. Well, the experts say you’ll get a streaky-free and shiny window by buffing with a wad of newspaper. Apparently, the paper and ink will help your windows sparkle. All you need to do is fold the newspaper in half to make a solid wad and wipe down your window in a consistent vertical or horizontal direction.

Do you have any tips for getting streak free windows? Share them with us.

  1. Bob Rowell  

    Thanks for article on window cleaning . Having worked in the glass and glazing industry for 4 decades some of the suggestions I would make are
    1. Thoroughly wash the surrounding joinery with brush and cold water .
    2. Wash glass down with water containing a VERY SMALL amount of detergent or a very good add in is bay shampoo . You must remember that the detergent or shampoo is only acting a a wetting agent – nothing more. In fact I only use a couple of drops of detergent in a bucket of water – NO MORE -otherwise you start getting streaks.
    3 Change your water regularly – even if looks clean.
    4. Use a good quality squeegee and keep a clean cloth specifically to wipe the blade. I have gone on to using the modern vacuum squeegees , as manufactured by Karcher – these are excellent . You will be amazed how much water (and the colour of it) they pull off the surface.
    5. Follow with a wipe over with a cloth to do final dry and polish. It is an absolute must that you are selective in the type of cloth used.Material containing any synthetics simply will not do the business . I always use natural cotton tea towels or hand towels . Absorbent paper towels are also good .You must get that moisture off the surface to be able to polish the glass surface,
    6. A very nice product that I use , in fact it is the only product that I will use for my picture framing, is an aerosol spray cleaner called “Hi Sheen”. It is manufactured in USA by CRL . I think that it contains a very small amount of ammonia plus iso-propyl alcohol.It is a trade product and may be only available through your local glass merchants – I sell lots of this product in my own business. It does make a lovely final presentation and if you are following up with a nano technology glass sealant it certainly does present a perfect surface for this application.
    7. If you have a film build up on your glass which may arise from traffic fumes etc, the product I would recommend to get than film or rain spotting off is another CRL cleaner called “Sparkle” . It is a cerium oxide base cleaner that dries to a powder which abrades and polishes the glass surface. I have had customers with motor vehicles that they have been driven to despair with road film, wax and associated rain spotting on windscreens and windows . They have been absolutely delighted with being able to polish off that film and bring their windows back to a new condition. In fact , in NZ here we supply this product for our inter – island ferries where it is used to clean the bridge deck windows with all the salt spray from traversing Cook Strait . They use it in conjunction with a nano-technology sealer that is applied to the windows following a clean down with “Sparkle”. Unfortunately it does not seem aggressive enough to clean off the films and etching that occurs with the calcification of glass surfaces in a shower enclosure.

    I hope that the above may be of assistance – it’s a chance to share some trade secrets of glass cleaning.
    Bob Rowell

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