Grandfather takes matters into his own hands

Byron Bay grandfather, Paul McCarthy, was sick of reading offensive words on the back of Wicked Campers rental vans and

Byron Bay grandfather, Paul McCarthy, was sick of reading offensive words on the back of Wicked Campers rental vans and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The rental van company is very popular with young tourists and the vans are often seen driving the highways brandishing inappropriate slogans for all to see.

Mr McCarthy was so appalled when he saw “a bl#w job a day beats an apple,” that he decided to spray paint over it. Although many are applauding his act he may end up facing prosecution.

He was so angered by the words that he ended up buying a can of paint and spraying over the word “blow”.

“I’ll admit I had a brain snap but I just took offence to it,” Mr McCarthy told Northern Star.

“What sort of a thing is that to have written on the car? What happens if you have young kids in the car and they ask you what that word means?”

The driver of the car, Victorien Diebold a French tourist, was concerned about losing his bond so went to the local police and Mr McCarthy followed. They both gave statements and no charges were laid.

In 2014 the founder of Wicked Campers, John Webb, issued a statement inviting people that are offended by slogans on their vehicles to cover them up with paint or tape.

“In the spirit of being ‘actionist’, Wicked Campers also invites anybody who feels strongly offended by a slogan to either paint or tape over it,” the statement read.

However, when people started taking them up on this offer they quickly turned their stance around and threatened to prosecute, “While it is all very inspiring and we truly appreciate the input of a very boisterous minority, Wicket Campers will, from April 24, 2105, be seeking to prosecute any person or persons who paint, cover or in any way damage a Wicked Camper or any property associated or belonging to Wicked Campers.”

The prospect of prosecution does not bother Mr McCarthy, who stands by what he did, “I hope he doesn’t lose his bond, but if you have little kids, what do you say to them when they read that and ask what it is?”

“I enjoy a risque joke as much as the next person and if I go to court, I go to court,” he said.

Mr McCarthy is also appealing to the Byron Shire councillors to ban the Wicked vans with obscene slogans from Byron Bay in the next meeting, April 7th.

“You have to ask are they part of our community? Do we want them in Byron Bay or not? Can we ban them from Byron Bay?”

“I’m encouraging others to come along to the next council meeting and lobby our councillors to get them banned.”

Mayor, Simon Richardson says he doesn’t have the power to ban the vans although he does sympathise with Mr McCarthy.

“This is a Queensland business and I am assuming the vehicles are roadworthy,” he said to Northern Star.

Do you think they should be banned?

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  1. Gail  

    Yes I think it should be banned but I don’t think he has the right to vandalize someone’s van. It is inappropriate to have these sort of offensive sayings because of young children. It would be the same if a teacher had this written on his car and driving it to a school it would be banned so why not ban it driving on our roads.

  2. Kym  

    This company shows little respect to the general public. They think its fun but it really does devalue our respect for each other.
    The Government should ban the slogans

  3. Doug  

    Simple – if Wicked Campers is going to sue anyone who paints their vans, we can all band together and take a class action against Wicked Vans for the offensive material. I’m sure we can find many thousands of members of the public who are offended – just think, a few thousand each, say $10,000, and multiply that by say 20,000 offended people – that’s $200 million for Wicked Campers to fork out. See how smug they are then!

    • Robert Green  

      Seems like a plan to me. Count me in, the potty mouths should pay for their putrid product.

  4. Mark  

    Totally inappropriate and out of line. Where is this companies corporate and social responsibility? I’d say they have none! In a workplace this would not be tolerated so why do we have to put up with it driving down the road in our free time!

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    They should be banned altogether. If something nice cannot be placed on the vans instead of rude and vulgar comments then ban them until they change their attitude and the slogans on the vans.
    Children today are very alert to these things and it is very embarrassing for parents to try and explain. We don’t want them on our roads.

  6. Frank  

    I thought he was just following their advice – giving the van a blow job – with a spray can !

    ‘Your Honour – I was only following the instructions on the van’

    • Russ Parker  

      Mmmmm, I didn’t think of it this way!!☺

    • Faye Dapiran  

      I agree, and lighten up every one else. What happened to the baby boomers of the sixties – tut tut generation are we?

  7. Sue  

    There is enough crassness in this life already, I wouldn’t like to see a sign such as this

  8. J Gibson  

    It must be bad for business because everyone I know including myself would never hire one. They are sabotaging themselves.

  9. Russell McMahon  

    Ever tried a Wicked Camper?
    Why would you think that they’d be roadworthy?

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