6 things you’ve been doing wrong in the shower

Most of us have two showers each day, wash and condition our hair and then rub ourselves dry with a

Most of us have two showers each day, wash and condition our hair and then rub ourselves dry with a towel.

But how many of actually know whether we’re showering the right way?

Most of us assume our daily showering habits are normal, and therefore healthy – but it turns out they’re not necessarily right!

From washing your hair too often to not scrubbing your feet, here are six things you’ve been doing wrong in the shower all these years.


1. Keeping your loofah in the shower

That’s right, keeping if you’ve been keeping your loofah in the shower then you’ve been doing it all wrong. Apparently, your dead skin gets caught on the loofah – and when that’s combined with lingering moisture over an extended period of time, it breeds bacteria. Instead of keeping your loofah in the shower, you should wash it thoroughly, wring it out and then hang it in a dry place.


2. Shampooing your hair daily

Many of us simply grab the shampoo and wash our hair every day. While you would think that is good for your hair, it turns out, it’s not as good as you think. That’s because shampooing too frequently can strip your hair of natural oils and dry it out. So, how often should you shampoo your hair? If you have thin or fine hair, the experts say you should only shampoo twice a week. While if you have coarse or curly hair, you should only wash with shampoo once a week.


3. Spending too long in the shower

A long hot shower on a cold morning or a cold shower after a hot day can be hard to leave. But it turns out spending too long in shower isn’t good for your skin! It can actually make your skin dry and itchy. Experts recommend showering for no more than five or 10 minutes at a time.


4. Keeping you hair wrapped in a towel for too long

If you’ve got long hair, chances are you probably wrap it up into a towel ‘turban’ on your head. But it might not be that good for your hair. Apparently wrapping it too tightly can actually damage your hair, especially if it’s thinning or fine. Instead, some people recommend gently squeeze moisture out of your hair or patting it dry gently.



5. Not scrubbing your feet

While we scrub all over, many of us forget to give our feet a good scrub while we shower. Unfortunately, our feet are prone to bacterial infections and other funguses which can be very unpleasant. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly wash your feet with soap and dry them completely after every shower.


6. Drying yourself too hard

Most of us get out of the shower and give ourselves a good hard rub with the towel to dry ourselves off. But it turns out that drying yourself roughly with the towel can actually damage your skin. Instead, you should pat yourself dry with a fluffy towel.


Who knew?! Did you know any of these things were bad? Are you guilty of any of these showering habits?

  1. Danny  

    At 66 one has to say where the hell do all theise experts come from and are they for real please experts go get a life your boring us with your stupidity what’s good today is no good tomorrow and vica versa my bet is a wet behind the ears 20 yearols expert

    • Barbara Bell  

      Agree completely – the article about “How You have been Going to the Toilet wrong All Your Life” and now this about showering – well, I have been toileting all my life and quite satisfactorily, thank you and I am not covered in dirt, bugs or hair lice so THAT would appear to be OK too. I CAN clean my kitchen and bathroom and know how to do laundry – nice to see “super hints” but to be told that basic life skills are being “done wrong” just pings me off – talk about dumbing it down. When an article comes out proof read and articulate, I MIGHT read it.

    • Julie Langdale  

      And they didn’t add to wash thoroughly behind the ears or to clean your belly button out. You would. It believe what we have pulled out of some belly buttons working in the health industry

  2. Sue B  

    It’s OK to give this type of advice, but what about those of us who are older and have problems with unruly hair that needs to be washed on a daily basis just to contain the frizz? When are landlords going to ensure that there is a ‘foot rest’ in the shower to enable those of us who cannot get down to our feet due to disability to be able to scrub our feet? Don’t use a loofah, but a brush on a handle, and even then can’t get to the soles of my feet. I cannot get onto/out of a bath, so there’s no use in suggesting it.

    • Georgie  

      Try just rinsing your hair with a little bit of conditioner each day and only washing with shampoo every five- seven days.

  3. Kathy  

    These articles are shallow and a total waste of space. Please show a little respect and acknowledge that as an Over 60 year old we have common sense.

  4. Janice  

    I for one appreciate all these tips and hints, new studies are going on all the time, many thanks to starts at 60 for keeping us updated and informed

  5. Josephine B  

    That’s fine for “wash ‘n’ wear hair, but when one has to wash – shampoo – towel dry – blowdry – tongs – then style, it takes a LONG time to do ones hair just look and feel decent to go anywhere. As it’s known that one’s hair is supposed to be their “crowning glory”, I’d love to have a style that I can just “wash and wear” once or twice a week and I’ll add I only have short hair.

  6. Noela mckenzig  

    It all makes sense. But I will still shower the same way as always, which is not what has been advised. I love reading all the advice that comes up on facebook but dont take it on as being right or wrong. So many people get negative adout them . Sure you allowed your view.

  7. Jude Power  

    Just who is this “we” who shower twice a day and wash our hair daily? I don’t know anyone like that except for silly teenagers

  8. Lee  

    If you think the comments are crap and you are so negative about it all then Don’t bloody read it and stay away from the page !!!’

  9. GypsyChick  

    I have met one person who showers twice a day. She was very overweight and sweated a lot, so felt uncomfortable in the heat of Far North Queensland. Where on earth do you get these “facts” from?

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