12 amazing laundry cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Dry cleaning can cost a fortune if you do it regularly enough, but what if there was a way to

Dry cleaning can cost a fortune if you do it regularly enough, but what if there was a way to get those tough stains out or wash those delicate fabrics without resorting to costly measures? Luckily we have found some awesome tricks that will save you time and money.


1. Blot grease stains with artificial sweetener

Yep, it’s as easy as placing the sweetener on the stain and letting it soak up the oil. Baby powder or chalk also works well.


2. Eraser on suede

If you have scuffs on your suede shoes, get rid of it by rubbing a clean eraser over it. The stain will disappear.


3. Silk white vinegar

Silk shirts are known for getting stains very easily, even from water. Wash them in vinegar and then gentle rinse.


4. Shine fake leather with olive oil

Fake leather or pleather can look as good as the real thing if you shine it with a dab of olive oil.


5. Cashmere baby shampoo

Cashmere is a decadent fabric that needs tender care. Hand wash it with a little baby shampoo!


6. Faux fur care

Faux fur can be destroyed in a washing machine or even if you hand wash. Lightly mist the fur with water and some conditioner, then gently brush with a baby’s brush.


7. Get out grass stains

Grass stains can be tough to remove, but all you need is 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid mixed together then applied and washed as normal.


8. Keep black clothes black

Black clothes can lose their darkness over time, so add two cups of brewed coffee to the rinse cycle!


9. Whiten those whites

Sometimes bleach isn’t enough to whiten clothes. Simply wash whites in 4L of water to 1 cup of bicarb soda to get a fresher white.


10. Remove yellow sweat stains

Yellow sweat stains are unsightly but can be removed with vinegar that is left to soak before a wash cycle.


11. Wash out paint

Acrylic paint is often permanent on clothes, or so you may think. Simply put some rubbing alcohol on the stain and combine with some elbow grease.


12. Get inked

Ink can stain a perfectly good shirt or skirt. You can get it out easily with hair spray and hand sanitiser!


What is your favourite laundry/fabric cleaning hack? Tell us below.

  1. Rose  

    You can also put a drop of dishwashing liquid on a grease spot and rub it in with your fingers until it emulsifies – you’ll feel it change texture – then launder as usual. Quick and effective. This tip is from Sharon Lush’s book.

    • Well hello Gina , surprised to see you and Ron on Facebook . Hope u r both well, regards Tony n Liliane Logue

  2. Judy Brooke  

    A good splash of pine-o-cleen in the wash take out general stains and smell. For example cooking smells that seem to cling into some fabrics, absolutely fantastic for shearers’ dungerees

  3. What a surprise yes we are loving life up here . Get in touch if you are up this way Lilane

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