You won't believe where Helen Mirren buys her favourite pair of shoes!

The Starts at 60 team love Helen Mirren – as do you, our wonderful community! However we discovered a little secret about her today that completely shocked us! While taking a look at photos of her on the red carpet over the last few years, we noticed that there was one particular pair of shoes that were reoccurring.

They were monster heels! About four inches high and she wore them under every gown. They added a decent amount of height to her and made it look like her legs went on for years! Now we all know Helen Mirren is a classy lady – possibly the classiest in Hollywood right now, she even made the “F” word seem socially acceptable this week! But we were incredibly shocked to do some research and find out where those giant heels came from.

She revealed to Jay Leno in 2010 that these shoes have been a part of her life for a very long time. They’re her secret weapon! She said, “They were stripper shoes I used to buy on Hollywood Boulevard. Thirty-nine dollars, they cost me… They give you like, an immediate seven inches,” which she said she needs to keep up with all the tall actresses on the red carpet.


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