What would Elvis look like now?

The 8th of January marked what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, and as millions celebrated around the world, some were left thinking, “What would he look like now if he were still alive?”

Elvis’ death at age 42 sent shockwaves around the world – it felt like he still had a long career ahead of him. But now, a photo editing website has been able to make an image that gives us some insight into what the King may have looked like in 2015.

Up to 50 photos were used as a reference to create the realistic image:


In recent days, hundreds of fans have travelled to Memphis, Tennessee to visit the birth and final resting place of the rock ‘n’ roll idol, despite plummeting temperatures. Along with fans and onlookers, Elvis’ former wife Priscilla and his daughter Lisa Marie and her children were there to celebrate his life. The family sliced a huge eight-tier cake which was given to the dedicated people who came so far for just a glimpse.

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January 8 has now been made Elvis Presley Day in his hometown of Memphis, as it is no surprise that he was their biggest export and brings in millions in tourism every year.

Happy birthday for the 8th Elvis!

What do you think of the artist’s impression of Elvis at 80? Is that what you think he would look like? What is your favourite Elvis song? Tell us below.