Was JFK a bigamist?

John and Jackie Kennedy were known as one of the most beautiful and perfect couples of all time. However could the image of perfection be tainted by a mystery that has recently surfaced?

JFK is being accused of being a bigamist. Apparently the President was first married to socialite Durie Malcolm in 1947 after a drunken party six years before his marriage to Jackie.

Do you think this is an outlandish accusation or is there perhaps some truth to the story? Do you think the President was married before Jackie?

Jerry Oppenheimer who has written books about the Kennedy family explains the shocking information in a recent interview. He explains that there is evidence to suggest the records of the alleged secret marriage were destroyed before it could become a public scandal. JFK was being groomed to be the next President and this could have ruined his chances so Joseph Kennedy, the patriarch of the family, ensured that all traces were eliminated from the County courthouse.

But the mystery of the marriage still lingers. The pair allegedly went off to a Justice of the Peace to get married after a drunken party because Malcolm wouldn’t have sex with JFK until they were man and wife. Bother JFK and Malcolm denied the claims and simply said they dated for awhile, however, many other sources say otherwise.

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If the claim holds true, JFK might have been married to two women at the same time. There is no evidence of divorce papers so was JFK was actually a bigamist? The mystery is flogging many news stories and creating a media stir. Do you believe these allegations?


Palm Beach socialist, Durie Malcolm 



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Jackie Kennedy on her wedding day 




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