This incredible invention will break language barriers

We all love travelling but sometimes there can be a frustrating downside to travelling to a foreign country that speaks a language other than English. It can be difficult and upsetting trying to communicate what you want or even to navigate where you are when you don’t speak a word of Spanish, Chinese or French. But now, one amazing app could change all of that.

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Google Translate is already a very handy tool – you can input a word or phrase you don’t understand, and it will convert it into your language. For example, you might see ‘Buenos dias’ written or spoken during your trip to Spain, but have no idea what it means. You simply write it into Google Translate and it’ll tell you it means ‘Good morning’ in Spanish. Many would be satisfied with this handy service but Google wanted to take it a step further.

Now, iOS (Apple device) users can update their Google Translate app and get two new features – real time translating whether it’s a photo, sign or menu, and real time speech translation.

The Word Lens feature works with the camera on your phone and instantly translates what you’re seeing. The best part? You don’t need to have an internet connection and it’s absolutely free. Watch the video below and see how amazing this is!


How would this change your next travel experience? What recent trip could have benefited from this app?