These piano-playing grandparents are making the world fall in love again

We simply cannot stop watching this gorgeous video celebrating the 60th anniversary of two beautiful people.

Pianist Jason Lyle Black convinced his grandparents to recreate the opening scene from the Pixar cartoon Up, which, until now, was the most heart-rendering montage ever made. The film shows the long life of a couple, and the ultimate passing of Ellie, the wife, leaving Carl behind.

This version, however, is far more upbeat, designed as it was to celebrate the ongoing love and life of Black’s grandparents, who have been playing piano together for as long as he can remember.

He wrote the arrangement for the music with his grandparents in mind.

“My grandparents were very excited to be part of this video,” Black said on his YouTube page. “It was so fun to work with them on it. I’ve loved their piano duets ever since I was a little kid, so this will be a family treasure for all of us.”

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If you’ve seen the movie, look out for the details from the film, including the tennis ball cane, the “adventure book”, dog and Scout uniform.

Even if you haven’t seen Up, this sweet clip will make your day – how can this much love be packed into just a few minutes?


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