The real reason why Goldie Hawn will never marry again

The star we all love because of her signature blonde locks, bright smile and tell-it-as-it-is approach to life has reminded us again of why we love her so much. Goldie Hawn has just spoken out about life, love – and why she’ll never marry again – in the candid pull-no-punches style she is renowned for.

Speaking as an honorary panellist on the American TV show Loose Women, the famous actress opened up about all things relationship, including her views on marriage.

Goldie, who has been in an unmarried relationship with actor Kurt Russell for more than 30 years, said she would never get married again, The Express reports.

She said she’s been there, done that, and it’s not something she wants to repeat.

“We’d been married before (to other people), it didn’t work, so why do it again. And marriage ends up being a business deal, because at the end of a marriage, no matter how long or short it is, somebody owes somebody money,” Goldie said.

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She told how she and Kurt keep their relationship alive.

“We’re all different, you enter a relationship with a fingerprint that’s all your own, and you want to be able to know how to match your fingerprint to somebody else’s, and it doesn’t,” Goldie said.

“So you work around it, you find the things that are working for you, and things that aren’t working for you, and we go through stages of our lives. So we have to be very self-aware, and very reflective and extremely empathetic toward the other person, and forgiving.”

Hawn’s daughter, Kate Hudson, has followed in her mother’s footstep and is also one of the most popular actors of her generation.

Asked if Kate shared her views on marriage, Goldie said: “Kate is also in a similar situation as I was, self-sustaining, in many ways, obviously financially. Our children have grown up understanding that’s a fair deal. Women working and self-worth isn’t such a bad thing”.

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Loose Women screens on American TV channel ITV1 at 12.30pm weekdays US time.

What do you think of Goldie’s comments? Have they made you reflect on marriage? Do you really need that piece of paper, or is it the relationship that counts?