The problem with toyboys

Imagine being 87 years of age and being dragged through the courts with your former toyboy lover. It’s happening to Italian screen siren Gina Lollobrigida who was once described as the world’s most beautiful woman.

The former actress claims she was tricked into being married by a Spaniard 34 years her junior in a bid to inherit her £35 million estate.

53 year old Javier Rigau y Rafols is charged with fraud and forgery and he appeared in court in Rome this week.

Miss Lollobrigida met the Spanish businessman at a party in Monte Carlo in the 1980’s. They were together for more than 20 years and planned to be married in 2006 however she changed her mind before the ceremony took place.

The former sex symbol claims her younger lover married her by proxy in 2010 without her knowledge.

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They split up in 2007 but she only found out in 2013 of their apparent marriage.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Miss Lollobrigida’s lawyer Fabrizio Siggia described his client as angry and combative. “She will definitely be asking for damages. He tricked her into signing a power of attorney document which he claimed was to do with a legal quarrel she was having with a Spanish lawyer.”

Rafols had a hearing in Rome on Tuesday and will next appear in September, when Miss Lollobrigida will give evidence about what she has described as a ‘”squalid affair”.

The 87 year-old won a bitter legal battle last year over her property empire with her only child.

The screen siren starred in 1950’s films including Trapeze, Woman of Rome and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Her other movies include Beat the Devil, Buona Sera, Mrs Campbell and Fearless Little Soldier. Most recently she appeared in 1997 with Gerard Depardieu in XXL.

Remember Gina Lollobrigida? Can you believe she’s going through a court battle to protect her fortune at the age of 87?