The most interesting and bizarre thing you will see all week

Seeing animals run is pretty normal for us – we’re used to it. But what if one of nature’s most scary and strange animals started running, out of nowhere, towards you!?

Yep, that’s right: some species of octopuses can run. It is quite funny to watch them but it just furthers some peoples’ belief that these sea monsters may some day take over the world.

They’re clever, they’re slimy and they can be metres in length. Not to mention it has 8 legs!

In the video below, Chrissy Huffard, a Senior Researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, explains the pros and cons of octopus running and why it’s useful.

So why would one of the most agile animals on the planet just run away on two legs? Ms Huffard spends her time on remote tropical islands (lucky her!) and observes algae octopus in the wild.

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She said that they realise they’re being observed by her and other prey so they go into defence mode. But instead of jetting away in one swift motion (which stops their heart and is overall bad for their body), octopuses have developed another way of moving from their prey, whilst staying camouflaged. And you have to admit it looks quite hilarious!