The Block finale – who will win?

We all know reality TV is very addictive and none more so than renovation show, The Block. Over the past few months we’ve watched the 5 couples demolish and re-do the Melbourne office block and turn it into a stunning apartment complex.

We’ve also become increasingly jealous of the amazing ideas they’ve had and even got itchy feet to do our own renos, but one question still remains: who will win this year’s competition tonight?


Will it be the Gold Coast’s Michael and Carlene with their beautiful outdoor terrace and shower, and custom-made bookshelf? Or will Chris and Jenna from Sydney who will take out the top title? The young pair have a roof top terrace and a perfectly-scored main bathroom, but are let down because they have no windows. Brothers Simon and Shannon have a super modern, trendy apartment with the very cool wooden bathtub, but have left some rooms unfinished. Dee and Darren have the most off their reserve ($20,000), but the smallest apartment. Will their master bedroom fireplace be enough to get a huge profit? Or could the winner be the popular Max and Karstan, who have a great view and four bedrooms, and $15,000 off their reserve?

Everything will be revealed tonight from 6.30pm when the five apartments go under the hammer. The winner will pocket $100,000 on top of whatever they make over their reserve.

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Will you be watching? Who do you think will win? Let’s talk about the finale as it unfolds tonight!


Thanks to NewsCorp and The Shovel for images.