The beautiful thing about ageing...

A soon-to-be married American man and women have looked into each other’s faces at ages 50, 70 and 90 in a viral video that has been viewed almost 5 million times. And the result? A touching clip that actually celebrates ageing rather than pitching it as something to fear.

It helps that the couple is deeply in love. As he looks into the gradually ageing face of his fiance Kristie, Tavis reiterates how beautiful she looks, at every age.

When her 50-year-old face is revealed, Kirstie is shocked, declaring “I look just like my mother!” The couple muses on their lives at this point, speculating they’ll have a couple of teenage kids.

“God, we’ll be on the PTA!” says Tavis.

The reactions of the late-twenty-somethings to each other as 70-year-olds is priceless:

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Kristie: “Your eyebrows!”

Tavis: “You’ve been out in the sun.”

From this point, the emotions ramp up and the pair muses on all the things they will have been through together and how strong their relationship must be to have made it this far. When they “reach” their 90s, Tavis and Kristie have a chance to think about the last words they would say to each other.

“There’s a strange, comforting feeling seeing him this way,” says Kristie.

The brave volunteers underwent their total transformations at the hands of incredibly skilful hair and makeup artists. You can watch this heart-warming clip below.

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Tell us: if you had the chance would you like to look into the face of your future self? And, would you like to know what your partner will look like at 90?