Social media tips from a 99-year-old

We often read about social media tips and tricks online or in magazines and they’re usually written by a smart aleck or young upstart. What we really need is some tried and tested advice from someone who knows better than us and is older and wiser….but is that possible? Yes, yes it is.

99-year-old great grandma Nonie has been using Skype and social media for years now and her grandson David Weaver took what she said and made it in a strategy guide for using social media. It turns out some of her advice is actually handy and is a timely reminder to take a step back and think about what you’re saying when you use Facebook or Twitter.

Source: HuffPost

So here is some of her great advice –

The “Whatever” principle

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Nonie loves to say “Whatever, honey” according to her grandson David. You can apply it to your social media account when, for example, you realise someone unfriended or unfollowed you. Learn to get over their judgement and think, ‘whatever, honey’. It’s not your problem is someone doesn’t like you.


“To Each His Own”

Nonie follows up “whatever, honey” with “to each his own” when she needs to agree to disagree. This can be applied when you feel like responding to someone else’s opinions.

David devised an action plan from his grandma Nonie’s “to each his own” catchphrase. Here’s what to do when there are differences of opinion on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media:

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  1. Acknowledge the Difference of Opinion
  2. Do Not Judge
  3. Be Respectful
  4. Know When To “Walk Away”

And if there is a fight or disagreement, always acknowledge the opinions but don’t judge. Say “I understand what you’re saying” or “Thanks for your opinion” before beginning your piece. Don’t use insults as if you were called something nasty, I’m sure you’d be upset!

If the discussion turns judgemental, then it’s time to walk away. Nonie keeps the phrase “to each his own” in mind so as to remind herself that there will be differing opinions but it’s okay to leave the discussion if respect is lacking.



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Everybody is welcome

Nonie’s final lesson is to live by the philosophy that everyone is welcome in life and online. Just because you don’t like someone or agree with what they say, doesn’t mean your opinion is more valid.


What are your etiquette tips for using social media? What is your policy when you engage online? Tell us below.