Quirky, frustrating, endearing, heartwarming: "The Dressmaker" covers it all!

Well, that has to be the most conflicting movie experience I’ve ever known. I was invited to the premiere of The Dressmaker and I’m unsure whether I can say I loved it, hated it, thought it was hilarious, found it terribly sad, was frustrated because it was so weird or enjoyed it because some of the characters were so endearing – this movie caused all of these emotions and more!

It’s certainly entertaining – just so many roller coaster sensations within the space of only a few minutes.  A viewer will fluctuate continually between laughing raucously one minute only to find themselves experiencing deep sadness, anger, confusion or just plain asking yourself ‘Why did they include this?’ with the next breath.  And they’re a mix of the most quirky / weird / unlikeable / endearing / heartwarming characters I’ve ever seen / met.

There was one character I didn’t like at all, even though at some stages I still found myself laughing at some of their antics. I’m sure many readers will either disagree with me or think I’m referring to someone else – but that’s okay, that’s what makes us all different.

The Dressmaker is definitely worth a look but not something I’d pay to see again – mainly because of the inclusion of that one character already referred to. This movie is very, very dark in places and the ending is definitely not what you expect!

The dialogue flurries and stubborn, though endearing, rapport constantly firing between Kate Winslet and Judy Davies are exceptional and certainly to be applauded.

A very big hats off to Kate’s accent as you would swear she is a true blue Aussie.  I have never heard anyone who wasn’t born here to pull off an Aussie accent with such authenticity as she showed in this.  Proves her calibre as an actress and the exceptional talent of Victoria Mielewska, her dialogue coach.

Added to all of this, the budget must have been huge as every single person involved was easily recognisable from another movie or TV series – and most of them big Aussie names.

So don’t bother asking me whether you should go and see it – you’ll just have to go along and see for yourself – but I can almost guarantee it’s definitely not at all what you’ll be expecting.

And interestingly, other ladies in two book clubs I am connected to said they felt exactly the same with both the book and the film.

I would be very interested to hear other viewers’ thoughts so please take a moment to comment below.

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