Prince William shows off his dancing dad moves

Now that he’s a father of two it looks like Prince William has no worries about busting out a daggy dance move whenever he likes – and good on him!

William was visiting a youth centre in London overnight where he spent time with the children and teens and got involved in their activities and classes.

It was during a dance class with teen group Scariofunk Dance Collective that William really let loose trying to perfect his hip hop moves.

“I can never get the shoulder shiver right!” he laughed as he tried to do the tricky arm wriggle move.

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“There is no pressure, because I will look ridiculous,” he joked as the group of youngsters looked on laughing.

Candice Blake, 15, gave him a “generous” five out of 10 for his performance, telling reporters, “But 10 out of 10 for effort. He was up for it.”

He also visited a boxing class, but chose to opt out of getting in the ring, saying “I’ve left my gloves at home” as he chatted with 12-year-old Dante.

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He also stopped by the kitchen where he took the chance to poke fun at his younger brother, saying he likes Harry’s “goatee”.

“I quite like his goatee,” he said. “I might try and grow myself a beard.”

What do you think of William’s dance moves? Is it nice to see him having fun with the community?