Old comic book image sells for record price at auction

You never know what you might find in the pages of a book.

This is another great reminder why you shouldn’t throw anything out.

An original illustration from a comic book has just sold for over $US1.6 million ($AU2,030,000) at a Paris auction, seven times what was expected.

It was a drawing for a 1964 Asterix comic, and was signed by the creators of the series Albert Uderzo and Rene Goscinny. The French comics started in 1959 and have been translated into over 100 languages. Goscinny died in 1977 and Uderzo handed the reins to other artists six years ago.

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Before you thinking you don’t have anything like that, there are plenty of things that are worth serious cash, and that includes old comic books.

If you’ve got any from the 1970s or earlier there’s a good chance they are worth some cash. The lower the issues number the better, and they need to be in good condition, but sometimes there’s special things about later editions that make them worth some money.

The Amazing Fantasy #15 had the first appearance of Spider Man, and it has sold for over a million too. 

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If you have kept a children’s book from your own childhood it might be worth more than the memories too. Early copies of books like The Hobbit, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and even the original Where The Wild Things Are can be worth some cash. Not in your millions, mind you, but certainly a few extra zeros on the amount you first paid for it.

Have you ever had your goods valued and been surprised?


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