Palace releases stunning mother-and-son photo of the Queen and Prince Charles

Buckingham Palace has now released a stunning mother-and-son photo of the Queen and Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 April this year and the special occasion was marked with huge celebrations throughout her realm. But as the year of Queen Elizabeth II‘s big birthday draws to a close, he milestone is being honoured one final time. A new photograph of the Queen and Prince Charles was released by the British Monarchy on Saturday — taken specifically to commemorate her birthday, reports People.

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The portrait, which was taken by photographer Nick Knight, features the Queen siting on a luxurious gold chair, wearing a blur floral patterned, long-sleeve dress. Her hands folded on her lap and she looked elegant and stoic. The queen’s three-strand pearl necklace and matching earrings slightly catch the light in the beautiful image.

Charles looked handsome in a classic bow tie and tuxedo, standing above his mother to her right. His right arm sits in his pocket and his left on rests on the back of her chair as he looks down below on her. It’s definitely the softest expression the prince has even been photographed with when with his royal mother.

The photo, shot in May, was staged at the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle — prior to the final night of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations at the Royal Windsor Horse Pageant. It was released Sunday on the royal families social media accounts.

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