Madonna told to grow up after being caught on video

Madonna is in Havana, Cuba celebrating her 58th birthday with her friends and family and being Madonna, there were plenty of cameras around to capture the fun and laughter.

Last night the singer was filmed dancing on tabletops and shaking her booty with a huge crowd of friends and fans and while it looked like she was having a great time, some people have accused her of “acting like a teenager” and told her to grow up.

“Madonna is completely embarrassing her daughter. She should start acting her age. She’s 58, not 18!” said Ellis Omar.

Others said it was time she realised she was closer to 60 than 16 and that she should tone down the partying.

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However, while Madonna certainly likes to push the boundaries, all the abuse she is copping begs the question: is their such a thing as age-appropriate behaviour?

Just because she’s nearly 60, does it mean she has to stop dancing like no one is watching and wearing whatever she wants?

While many people naturally ‘mellow out’ as they age it looks like Madonna is going full steam ahead and some are saying she shouldn’t be abused for that.

“Oh, good God, let her be. Why can’t we have fun at any age? Just because we’re not spring chickens anymore, doesn’t mean life has to be boring. It’s really up to each person how they define fun,” said Mazeeta M.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do people unfairly expect baby boomers to stop having fun as they get older?

We want to hear your thoughts on this!