Little girl becomes online sensation after making fun of over 60s

Saffron Herndon has everyone in stitches.

Kids can be absolutely hilarious, but it’s not necessarily always on purpose! That’s where young Saffron Herndon is different.

The 11-year-old is making a name for herself for her jokes about ‘old people’ and you’ve got to hand it to her – she’s pretty good!

Apparently the primary schooler has always had a funny bone and loved comedy from when she was just a little girl.

She says her dream is to one day star on the American sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’, to have her own TV show and to own lots of pets.

Until then though, she’s already done a few shows in front of big audiences and has definitely brought the laughs.

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Here are some of her best jokes poking fun at us ‘oldies’:

On the perils of online dating

“Online dating is tough… Every time I meet someone new, they end up in jail.”

On television

“I watched this show called ‘The Flintstones’. Most of you guys look like you’ve probably watched it. But when you watched it, it was probably just called the news.”

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On religion

“Sometimes I upset religious people. But before you come up to me and try to convert me to your religion please remember, I’m just a little 10-year-old girl. And you’re an adult that still believes in fairy tales. We’re really not that different.”

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