Kerri-Anne Kennerley wears taboo dress on the red carpet

Remember all those rules you mother used to tell you about what you could wear?

Never wear anything above the knee when you’re over a certain age and never ever let anyone see your bra!

Well Kerri-Anne Kennerley just broke every single one of those rules and she looked great doing it!

The 62-year-old star was attending the premier of the new Aladdin musical at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre when she strode onto the red carpet in her light pink bandage dress.

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Despite the chilly night, Kerri-Anne flashed the world a peek of her bra under the sheer part of her dress and still managed to look every bit the classy woman she is.

Smiling happily as she posed for photos she definitely gave her much younger red carpet co-stars a run for their money.

It was a fun and relaxing night out for Kerri-Anne who has been caring around the clock for her husband John after he suffered a fall at a golf course earlier this year.

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For many weeks, people feared the worst with John laying in a coma due to his horrific spinal injuries.

Now he’s back home safely with Kerri-Anne looking after him night and day.

Taking the night off, it looks like Kerri-Anne decided to go all out in the fashion stakes and she’s certainly winning plenty of praise for it.

Do you like Kerri-Anne’s dress? Would you ever wear something similar?