Keith Urban blown away after pulling fan up on stage

No wonder Keith Urban is Australia’s sweetheart, he’s always doing really sweet things, not just for his wife Nicole Kidman but also for unsuspecting fans.

This time, the country singer pulled a fan up on stage to perform with him, kickstarting the teenage fan’s musical career.

Urban noticed sparkling guitar-shaped signs held by Hailey Benedict and her sister in the crowd and called them on stage in Edmonton, Canada, on Friday

The Aussie star asked Hailey what she wanted to do when she was older, to which the 14-year-old responded, “I want to be a singer-songwriter.”

He then asked her to play for the crowd, setting up the microphone and “guitar-teching” for her.

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Benedict then surprised the concert goers by playing an original song called “Clean Slate” to the crowd of almost 20,000.

Fans have praised both the performance and Urban’s heart-warming gesture and a video of the moment, posted to the musician’s Facebook page, has since been shared almost 15,000 times.

Hailey described the moment as “surreal”.

“I just soaked it all in, it’s been one of my dreams since I was little, to look out at a crowd that big and sing one of my own songs,” the teenager said.

The girls’ mother, Brandee Benedict, said she was so overwhelmed she had to stop and sit down.

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“It was hard not to be so overwhelmed and so excited about what was happening, to get to see your kid’s dreams come to fruition,” she said.

How sweet was that?