Your morning heart-starter: Two men are working at a construction site

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Two men are working at a construction site together, just a week after having an angry row – and they can’t wait to challenge each other.

Finally, at lunch break, they confront one another. One man, obviously stronger, says to the other: “See that wheelbarrow? I’m willing to bet $100 that you can’t wheel something to that cone and back and that I can’t do twice as far. Do we have a bet?”

The other man shakes his hand and agrees, but he has a plan formulating in the back of his mind. He looks at the objects lying around: a pile of 400 bricks, a steel beam, the 10 men that had gathered around to watch, his pickup truck, a stack of concrete mix, and he makes up his mind, finalising his plan.

“All right,” he says, and reveals his object to his opponent.

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That night the strong man goes home feeling very embarrassed and $100 poorer. What did the other man choose?

We’ll post the answer to the riddle in the comments later today.

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