Your morning heart-starter: Little Peter asks his mother her age

Has a child ever asked you anything inappropriate? Source: Pixabay

Curious about the world, little Peter asks his mother her age.

She replies, “Real gentleman never ask a lady that question”.

Unsatisfied, little Peter than asks his mother how much she weighs. Again, she replies, “Real gentleman never ask a lady that question.”

He then asks her why his father left her. “You shouldn’t be asking that,” she replies and sends Peter to his room.

On his way, little Peter trips over his mother’s purse. When he picks it up, he notices her driver’s licence.

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Excited, he goes back to his mother and says, “I know everything about you now. You’re 39 years old, weigh 80kg and Daddy left you because you got an ‘F’ in sex!”

His mother now takes better care of her belongings.

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