Your morning heart-starter: Five surprising facts about Elvis
By Starts at 60 WritersIn EntertainmentOn Thursday 1st Feb, 2018

Your morning heart-starter: Five surprising facts about Elvis

Elvis Presley is a legend in the music industry.

Every morning we’ll bring you something to challenge your brain, exercise your memory or give you a laugh!

Test your memory with these trivia facts.

  1. Elvis served in the army after he was already famous, in 1957 – reportedly earning a $78 monthly salary.
  2. Elvis and Priscilla’s only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, went on to marry Michael Jackson, before they divorced in 1996.
  3. Elvis never performed a single show outside of North America.
  4. He dyed his hair black – it was naturally ashy blond as a child, and brown as an adult.
  5. The star received his first guitar aged 11 – but he was disappointed, as he reportedly wanted a bike instead.

How many of these did you know?

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