Vet extras will get you

A woman brings her budgie to the vets. It is lying very still and limp.

“I’m afraid it’s dead,” says the vet, but the woman refuses to believe him.

“Please”, she says, “can’t you examine it at least?”

The vet goes to the door and whistles. In trots a black Labrador. The vet points to the budgie, and the dog goes over to the table, puts his paws up, and gives a good sniff at the little bird, before shaking his head at the vet and trotting out again.

Then a tabby cat comes in. It jumps on the table, walks over to the budgie, and examines it, flipping it over with its paw. The cat shake’s its head as well at the vet and leaves the room.

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“I’m afraid that confirms my diagnosis,” says the vet. “Your budgie is, unfortunately, dead. That will be $500 please.”

“What?!” Says the woman. “That’s outrageous. How can it cost so much?”

“Well,” replies the vet, “my fee is only $50. But when you include the lab report and the CAT scan…”

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