Three wise (fire)men

Here’s a joke that came to me from an American friend. I had to pass it on. Try to imagine the accent, it is rather funny:
I was driving through a Southern town when I saw a nativity. It was obvious a whole heap of love and talent was needed to create something so lovely so I stopped to have a look. When I did, I was surprised to see the three wise men wearing firemen’s helmets.

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Unable to think of an explanation for this oddity, I crossed the town square and walked up the steps of the Town Hall. Approaching the lady in reception, I asked, “Why do the three wise men in your beautiful nativity wear firemen’s helmets?”

The receptionist became quite upset with me. “You Yankees! You never did read and understand the Holy Bible!”

I assured her that I did but there was no way I could recall any mention of firemen in the Bible.

A Bible was produced from beneath the counter and the receptionist riffled through the pages. Finally, opening the great book at the appropriate place, she jabbed her finger at a passage. Pushing it in my face, she said, “Look! It says right there, ‘The three wise men came from afar…’ ”

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