Three older men are walking on the golf course ...

This joke's a bit cheeky!

Three older men are walking around the golf course, when they get on to the subject of their children and become a little boastful.

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“My son’s doing so well as a lawyer,” one man starts. “He’s making so much cash that he bought his friend a fantastic red sports car.”

Not to be outdone, the second man chimes in. “Well, my son’s a doctor and he’s rolling in money. In fact, he’s making so much that he bought his friend a fabulous mansion,” the man said proudly.

The third man looked a little shame-faced. 

“Well, I can’t say my son’s career is quite as lucrative – he’s an actor in gay porn movies,” he says, as his friends look shocked.

“Still,” the man continues, brightening up a little. “He can’t be doing too badly for himself, because he does have a fabulous mansion and a very nice new, red sports car.”

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