The zoo's main attraction died...

The zoo’s main attraction a giant silverback gorilla named Big Ben, passed away from old age. Being the only gorilla in the zoo, the zoo officials couldn’t afford to lose the only attraction keeping their failing zoo business afloat.

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So they immediately decided to hire one of the zookeepers for an extra $100/day to wear the gorilla costume they have in storage and pretend to be the gorilla until they can afford a new one.

For weeks, the zookeeper did lots of tricks in his gorilla suit to the astonishment of thousands of spectators watching the “human-like” gorilla.

About a month in, the popularity started to wane. So to get the attention of the crowd once again, he climbed over his enclosure and swung himself from the net ceiling over the lion’s den beside his enclosure. A large crowd gathered as they watched in terror and suspense. Suddenly, the zookeeper lost his grip and fell straight down on the floor of the lion’s den. He started crying for help when suddenly a lion pounced him from behind and whispered in his ear, “Shut up! You’re gonna get us both fired.”

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